Health Insurance

It takes just one visit to a hospital to make us realize how vulnerable we are, every passing second. For the rich as well as poor, male as well as female and young as well as old, being diagnosed with an illness and having the need to be hospitalized can be a tough ordeal. Heart problems, diabetes, stroke, renal failure, cancer – the list of lifestyle diseases just seem to get longer and more common these days. Thankfully there are more speciality hospitals and specialist doctors – but all that comes at a cost. A Health insurance policy can cover such expenses to a large extent. A health insurance policy pays for medical expenses incurred during hospitalization or day care procedures. Several companies offer individual, family floater and group health insurance policies for corporates. One can choose the desired Sum Insured. Not only such plans provide tax relief under Section 80 D, they provide financial security when one needs it the most. A health Insurance policy mainly covers hospitalization expense, Pre & Post hospitalization expenses, doctor fees and any other cost associated with hospitalization.